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What is Jigs?

As mentioned before, Jigs is not a single program, but rather many separate programs that can be used in conjunction to create webpages just the way that you want them. In particular Jigs includes programs to:

  • Read EXIF data from digital images (e.g. images from digital cameras)
  • Annotate images with user defined fields (e.g. people, place, time, etc.)
  • Scale images
  • Create static web pages using a specified renderer.

For those that find this slightly intimidating, Jigs includes a program called JigSpace that can act as your personal workspace as you use Jigs. JigSpace lets you load and save templates and current projects, and has a simple graphical interface to perform any function in Jigs. For instance, once the input directory has been selected, reading of the EXIF data from images can be initiated by clicking a button.

Why have separate programs if there is JigSpace? There are sometimes when you wish to run one functionally of Jigs without the others. While JigSpace will do this as well, it is usually a little quicker, and may be easier to just run the program in which you are interested. Additionally, some operating systems allow users to specify that a program should run at a certain time every day, or every week. By using this capability and the non-interactive versions of some of Jigs programs, you can set up your computer to automatically update a webpage. For example, this may be nice if you selling houses and you want to have your webpage updated every night so that it will contain the pictures and descriptions of all the new houses, but remove all those that are no longer on the market.

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