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Welcome to the Jigs Project!

Jigs an open-source project designed to aid people in the creation of static webpages from directories of images. Jigs is extremely useful to create output such as photo albums. More information about Jigs can be found in the About Jigs Section.

Jigs Announcements

JigSpace is currently in an alpha form. However, it is certainly possible to use Jigs and JigSpace to create webpages. An example of this is the screenshot section. Please report any and all bugs you find to our bug tracker. We will try to solve the bugs as fast as possible.

Jigs Status at a Glance

The latest version of Jigs binary files that are available is listed below. For those that are eager to be up on the day to day changes, please check our CVS Repository. Please note that CVS copies of Jigs may not be stable, or even compile. Programming skills and patience, as well as a good sense of humor are required if you want to play with these entries.

Date: Jigs Version
April 15, 2002 Jigs Version 0.90

Currently Jigs source is not being distributed with the binary files above. Source files can be accessed through the CVS.