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This page lists all of the released versions of the Jigs binary files with notes about their releases. The most current files are at the top.

Jigs Version 0.9
This version of JigSpace includes dynamic renderer loading. It has a few bugs still left in it, and does not yet include icons for all of the buttons.

Jigs Version 0.8
This is the first "alpha" version of JigSpace. Please note that it does not include the ablity to dynamically load or select a renderer. The JigSpace Project and JigSpace RenderSystem file formats will change drastically once dynamic renderer loading is added as it will change the organization of projects and render systems slightly. We will NOT be providing a utility to upgrade your projects & templates. If you need to upgrades your projects and/or templates, save all of the data out to files (using the save button on each panel) and then import it all back into the new version of JigSpace.