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Java Image Gallery System (Jigs), is a set of open-source utilities designed to allow users to create highly customizable static webpages from a set of images. In other words, Jigs takes your digital photos (or other images) and then puts them into a digital photo album of your own specification. Along the way, Jigs give you the opportunity to describe the pictures any way you would like (for instance, describing the event, naming the people in the picture, etc.), determine the size of the images used in the webpage, read EXIF data from the image (if the image is an EXIF image) and then specify how you would like your pictures arranged in the output. Jigs was designed to be easy to use, highly flexible, and work on multiple platforms. Jigs is an offspring of the SWIGS project, with numerous improvements and enhancements.

As Jigs is written in Java, it will work on any operating system for which a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has been written. There are currently JRE's available for many different operating systems including all versions of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Currently Jigs requires the Java Runtime Environment of version 1.4 or higher. This can be downloaded for free from

Jigs is released free of charge under Gnu Public License (ver 2.0). What does this mean for you? In simple English: you can download, install and use Jigs to your hearts content without paying anyone a thing (although we do take donations!). The only catch is this, if you want to give this program to someone else, you MUST give them the source code as well. In particular, if you edit, modify, or build any software that uses part of this code, you must distribute the source for this code as well as your code when you distribute this or any derived code. The exact requirements for code distribution are specified in the Gnu Public License, and are not contingent on any of the above wordings.

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